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Teaching Pronunciation in World Englishes Context: Prosody Matters

This webinar begins by positioning the discussion of pronunciation instruction in the context of World Englishes within the historical debate of nativism and intelligibility paradigm, with a focus on what pronunciation features are important for mutual intelligibility. Particularly, the discussion will address suprasegmental features, which are marginalized in ESL classrooms and largely excluded as core features in the Lingua Franca Core (Jenkins, 2000). Backed by current research on the role of suprasegmental features on listeners’ perceptual judgments on speakers from different L1 backgrounds (e.g. Huang, 2019), this webinar discusses prosodic features that are important for mutual intelligibility, such as sentence stress, pauses, and intonation. Also, this webinar will provide teaching tips for teaching suprasegmental features in an EFL language classroom.

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10/5/2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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