TESOL Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The webinar will include two presentations and then conclude with a question and answer period.


Learner autonomy has been consistently identified to be the key capacity for language learners in controlling their learning process. This capacity becomes even more important in the emergency online learning and teaching landscape. The current study looks at the practices offered by the teachers and analyzes the mismatch of learning behavior expectations between the teachers and their Vietnamese undergraduate EFL students. While the teachers expect to witness a dynamic discussion among students in the group work activities, it turns out that the quietness is seen more frequently than the conversational noise. The data collected from students’ reflection shows that they tend to initiate their own individual learning activities rather than to collaborate with their online partners to complete a learning task due to the learning space difference. The presentation finally proposes a brief agenda for promoting students' learner autonomy in the emergency online teaching and beyond.
Presenter: Dr. Tin Dang
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education

This presentation will reflect full-circle experiences as well as transnational identity developments among three Asian-American TESOL professionals (including myself) who started in the U.S. as an international student before advancing into the TESOL profession. Their collective experiences will be examined through a raciolinguistic lens for the impact of internationalization, globalization, and neoliberalism on diversity and inclusion in general and on Asian Americans’ transnational identity development in particular, in the wake of today’s anti-Asian sentiment as a social allegory informed by the US’s racial history. Despite vast cultural and linguistic diversity among Asian-American communities, racialized politics in the U.S. often pits them as a group against other racialized groups as a foil for racism. The presenter will explore the complex, nuanced situations facing Asian American TESOL professionals through their collective struggle, their unique insights on diversity and inclusion, and actionable strategies for resisting and transforming discriminative ideologies and practices. 
Presenter: Dr. Ching-Ching Lin
Touro College
5/17/2022 4:30 AM - 5:30 AM

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