Language Teaching Insights From Other Fields: Sports. . .
Language Teaching Insights From Other Fields: Sports. . .
Language Teaching Insights From Other Fields: Sports, Arts, Design, and More
Christopher Stillwell

A book full of practical tips on the surprising ways that insights from such fields as martial arts, bartending, ski instruction, and restaurant reviewing can enhance teaching practices.
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How would a restaurant reviewer critique an essay? How would a martial arts master facilitate language practice? How would a bartender create a supportive environment for learning? And how would a social activist promote critical thinking in the classroom? Answers to these questions and more can be found in chapters that offer practical tips from language teachers with extensive experience in other fields. It is a book full of surprises that translate into new ways of thinking about teaching and the classroom.

2014 ELTon

"The intriguing introductory chapter made me want to read on to discover just how experts from other fields could enrich my experience of language teaching. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed reading the book. It stimulated me to think, and it inspired me to do." (Brian Tomlinson, Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University and Anaheim University)

"We have known for a long time that learning and motivational processes are similar in many fields, but rarely have we had these processes so vividly displayed, as in this book, through working teachers’ parallel passions." (Tim Murphey, Professor, Kanda University of International Studies)

"The authors provide much, much more than the “insights” promised in the title. Each chapter is fascinating, inspiring, refreshing, and intellectually stimulating. I would select it for an ESOL methods course. Buy this book!" (John F. Fanselow, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University Teachers College)

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Publisher: TESOL Press
ISBN: 9781942799290
Pages: 194
Publish Date: 01/01/2013

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