Teaching Listening, Revised Edition
Teaching Listening, Revised Edition

Teaching Listening, Revised Edition
Ekaterina Nemtchinova

Presenting up-to-date research and theoretical issues associated with second language listening, Nemtchinova explains how these new findings inform everyday teaching and offers practical suggestions for classroom instruction.

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How can you raise your students’ awareness of the use of listening strategies?
This Reflective Question and many others await your discussion and analysis in this revised edition of TESOL Press's best-selling Teaching Listening. It explores different approaches to teaching listening in second language classrooms and contains a new chapter on assessing listening and additional sections on genre-based listening and "one- and two-way listening," as well as the concepts of interactional, transactional, and reciprocal listening. Also included is an expanded chapter - Teaching Listening with Technology.

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Publisher: TESOL Press
ISBN: 9781945351815
Pages: 63
Publish Date: 02/12/2019

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