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Learning the craft of English language teaching by trial and error can take a long time and involve considerable emotional wear and tear on teachers and students. This book accelerates the process by offering a nontechnical introduction to English teaching geared toward native-English-speaking teachers working outside their home countries.

This revised edition includes an expanded discussion of student-directed language learning, workbook activities for volunteer teachers enrolled in courses or studying the book individually, and a full array of culture-based discussion topics for use as supplementary activities or core material for an English course.

The book includes 16 chapters, organized as follows:

  • Chapters 1-6 cover issues of classroom survival: basic principles of language learning and teaching and course and lesson planning.
  • Chapters 7-14 discusses the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar; the role of culture in language teaching; and some of the problems that recur in EFL classrooms.
  • Chapter 15 addresses adaptation to life in the host country.
  • Chapter 16 suggests paths for volunteers who become interested in being professional language teachers.

This book also includes useful appendixes with a starter kit for course planning, culture-topic activity ideas for oral skills classes, and print and Internet resources for teachers and students.

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Publication Information

Publisher: TESOL International Association
ISBN: 9781931185325
Pages: 361
Publish Date: 01/01/2006

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