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Language teachers from all over the world will find in this volume inspiring accounts of teacher researchers in Africa who reflected on their classroom learning environments and took action to foster greater understanding and improved teaching practices. Their findings take into consideration the home culture of their students as well as the desire for an internationally applicable education. Although the authors discuss research specific to their African students, the results of their studies can also be applied more broadly to students in other countries and on other continents.

The topics examined in Language Teacher Research in Africa include the following:
  • Exploring new approaches to teaching spelling and vocabulary that bridge differences in students' first language and English
  • Striving to overcome low English proficiency inherited from education during apartheid
  • Contrasting linguistic elements of students' native languages with standard English to improve knowledge of pronunciation
  • Focusing on debating as a way to encourage classroom participation, critical thinking, and oral communication skills
  • Providing feedback on writing forms rather than grammar to improve students' written communication

Each chapter in this Language Teacher Research in Africa volume highlights the local context, the complicating factors for teaching, and the intended improvements in learning. However, as in the other volumes of this series, readers will find much they can apply in their own local teaching and learning environments throughout the world.

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Publication Information

Publisher: TESOL International Association
ISBN: 9781931185547
Pages: 134
Publish Date: 01/01/2009

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