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Over the last 30 years, inquiry-based teaching has become a highly valued component of professional development and practitioner research in Australia and New Zealand. This volume of the Language Teacher Research Series focuses on teaching and learning experiences in those two countries, which encompass a large geographical area with diverse policies and practices. The authors examine their various learning environments and share reflections and insights that can promote effective teaching practices, cross-cultural understanding, and improved learning outcomes in English language classrooms in other parts of the world.

Following are some of the topics covered in Language Teacher Research in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Tailoring teaching materials to stimulate authentic learning and communication.
  • Designing research procedures to fit individual inquiry purposes and needs.
  • Focusing on oral communication skills and reading for meaning as ways to advance student learning.
  • Understanding student factors that can hinder progress in English language learning.
  • Bridging differences between students from varied educational cultures.

Each chapter highlights clearly the specific goals, questions, research, and findings that are important to the author's local context. However, this volume, like the rest of the series, allows readers to connect with and benefit from inquiry-based English language teaching across the world.

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Publication Information

Publisher: TESOL International Association
ISBN: 9781931185479
Pages: 249
Publish Date: 01/01/2008

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