ELTD Language Skills Bundle
ELTD Language Skills Bundle
Language Skills Bundle: Teacher Development Series

Quickly cover the core language skills with these small but mighty titles from the English Language Teacher Development Series.
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Teaching Writing
Zuzana Tomas, Ilka Kostka, and Jennifer A. Mott-Smith

The authors of Teaching Writing draw on their years of teaching and their knowledge of theory and research to present major concepts in teaching L2 writing. ...Details
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Teaching Speaking
Tasha Bleistein, Melissa K. Smith, and Marilyn Lewis

To meet the needs of students, teachers of oral English have three main tasks: find out all they can about how speaking works, look for ways to introduce their classes to the language of conversation, and provide students with opportunities to practice speaking English. ...Details
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Teaching Listening
Ekaterina Nemtchinova

Presenting up-to-date research and theoretical issues associated with second language listening, Nemtchinova explains how these new findings inform everyday teaching and offers practical suggestions for classroom instruction....Details
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Teaching Reading
Richard R. Day

Teaching Reading uncovers the interactive processes that happen when people learn to read and translates them into a comprehensive easy-to-follow guide on how to teach reading. ...Details